I DO SOCIAL MEDIA. I DESIGN. (and sometimes, everything in between)
Hi! I'm María Romero. Part time student, part time Graphic Designer living in Madrid, Spain. 
If you want to know about my work experience or studies... In 2019 I finished my studies as Higher Technician in Design of multimedia and printing publishing in IES Islas Filipinas where I had the opportunity to carry out mobility experience at SEPR (Lyon, France) in order to complete curricular internships, as a member of Design and Publishing Department. Right now, I am taking my skills to another level by studying a career in Journalism. These studies will give me language skills that allow me to channel my professional career towards the world of social media.
My MOST AMBITIOUS PROJECT? In 2021 I combined all the aspects that identify me. Design, journalism, music and photography came together in a contemporary magazine of urban culture
In essence, I design a bunch of random things day by day and, mostly, I take orders from people like you. I will not only make your brand impeccable but also "fantastic"; I will always watch over your and your company well-being.​​​​​​​

¡Muchas gracias! Me pondré en contacto contigo lo antes posible.
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